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General Terms
General Terms Deutsche Version

ART SAVOUR Copyright owner & Webmaster

Art Savour
Thorsten Thomssen
Lehnstrasse 105
9014 St. Gallen

+41 (0)71 311 8916

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For Whom

These general terms are valid for visitors and members of ART SAVOUR.


ART SAVOUR supports the presentation of art and art owners.


Each art owner can open an account and test the functionality of ART SAVOUR during two month free of charge and without any obligations. After this probation time the art owner gets an invitation for a membership. If the annual membership fee of CHF 99.- WILL NOT be paid within 30 days the account will be deactivated and the data some time deleted. If members succeed in selling art work via ART SAVOUR they have the full profit of it i.e. no share is due to ART SAVOUR.

Platform Promotion is Rewarded

As soon as a new member paid his or her annual account fee, the one who clearly promoted the contact gets a credit of 2 month on his or her membership.

Users Duty

Each account owner is obliged to present only art work he/she is authorized to. Either he/she is the copyright owner or he/she has the adequate permission of the copyright owner to show the particular work. All claims out of disregarded copy rights have to be addressed to the regarding user only.

Prohibited Manipulation

It is forbidden to manipulate visitor numbers and/or ratings e.g. via self rating, excessive clicking on own images or participation at traffic exchanges. The ART SAVOUR team reserves its right to correct, deactivate or delete the counters/data. All efforts (including for research, regeneration and prevention) and damages will be charged to the initiator of the manipulation, especially if the according user does not all to remedy the abuse as fast as possible.

Prohibited Behaviour

It is prohibited to missionize and/or to molest artists or guests. E.g. to put pressure on people and/or to blame them that they are bad persons because they do not want to support a certain cause. The violator of this rule might be excluded of the platform and of projects.


The membership fee can only be claimed for refund if the platform is for months fully inactive (no pictures visible etc.)

All information and links on ART SAVOUR are supplied without liability.

ART SAVOUR is not responsible for information given regarding goods and art work and their quality. Buying & Selling happens between seller and buyer only.

ART SAVOUR does not refund any damages that are caused directly or indirectly by using or reading this platform.